Welcome to SNUSSTOP, although we use a recognisable name we do NOT sell “SNUS”, in fact we sell nicopods which is a safer alternative of absorbing nicotine as all our products contain natural fibres and do not have any Tar in them and are 100% tobacco free, therefor does not stain your teeth and emit carbon monoxide.

We aim to satisfy all our customers by supplying popular nicopods that customers want. By moving our products online, we aim to reach a wider range of customers helping them to stop smoking and move onto our nicopods, as we are trying to contribute into making the future a safe and smoke free environment to be a part off.  

nicotine pods are originated in Sweden and were introduced to lower the smoking rate, with more than 50% of swedish snus users being ex-smokers. SNUSSTOP are trying to adapt a similar trend in the UK, making nicopods available to smokers to fight this habit.

For more enquiries please contact us at: [email protected]

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